Please submit details of any films you are aware of so that we can achieve our aim of cataloguing Spatchcock's entire oeuvre.

Verified submissions are featured in The Lost Films of 20th Century Spatchcock, by Dr Derek J Ripley.

We are sometimes asked if we can publish a list of all submissions.  We have hesitated to do so as this may discourage people from submitting entries - Spatchcock often filmed the same movie more than once, using the same title but with a different script and actors.

A synopsis and cast list for verified films is included in Dr Ripley's definitive study of 20th Century Spatchcock.

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Recent Submissions

 A Collyhurst Yankee In King Arthur’s Court (1949)

 An Afro To Remember (1975)

A Fair To Remember (1957)

A Fistful of Lollies (1964)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Formby (1966)

A Horrid Day on Nights (1964)

A Night Nobody Could Recall (1958)

A Night to Forget (1959)

A Passage to Inglewhite (1984)

A Sanitary Inspector Calls (1954)

A Sven Goran Pet Detective (2001)

A Swan Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

Abram For All Seasons  (1950)

Accrington Graffiti  (1972)

Alaska (1941)

Algie (1966)

All Quiet On The Westhoughton Front (1930)

An American in Parbold (1951)

Anne of a Thousand Pies(1969)

Another Fine Mass (1939)

Arbuthnot and Costco Meet Finklestein (1948)

Arthur Sixpence (1988)

Attack of The Fifty Foot Wombat (1959)

Bateman (1989)

Beef Encounter (1945)

Beefstock (1970)

Benny Hur (1959)

Big Trouble in Little Hulton (also known as Alfred Spatchcock’s Big Trouble in Little Hulton) (1986)

Bike Up The Strand (1940)

Billy Blair (1963)

Bored of The Pies (1965)

Breakfast at t'Piggeries (1960)

Bridge On The River Mersey (1957)

Briefs Encounter (1945)

Butcher Cassidy and 'Fat Chance' Sid (1963)

Captain Flamethrower (1949)

Carry (1974)

Cat on a Wet Tin Roof (1961)

Chitty Chitty Flop Flop (1949)

'Clash Morgan' A Space Odyssey (1935)

Cleo Patricroft (1956)

Cool And Look (1964)

Curry on Sergeant (1978)

Dad's Boot (1981)

Days of Ale and Posies (1962)

Deliverers (1972)

Dial A for Astley (1954)

Digging in The Rain (1959)

Doctor At Leigh (1955)

Dovestone Reservoir Dogs (1935)

Dr Hyde & Mr Jekyll (1941)

DT (1970)

Each Dawn I Dye (1937)

East of Edenfield (1955)

Electra Glide in Bryn (1973)

Everything You Wanted To Know About Socks (But Were Afraid To Ask) (1972)

Evicted (1996)

Faecal Impaction (1987)

Field of Sheep (1989)

Fight Pub (1959) 

Finklestein (1931)

Florrie and Madge II (1991)

Flying Down To Widnes (1933)

For a Few Lollies More  (1964)

Four Funerals and A Wedding (1994)

From Here to Infirmity (1953)

From Here To Maternity (1953)

GI Blues (1960)

Glove Story (1951)

Good Morning Rotherham (1985)

Greaseball (1978)

Great Expectorations (1974)

Guess Who's Coming to Pinner (1967)

Gunfight at the O. K. Sauce Factory (1957)

Guys & Dogs (1961)

Hannah and Her Blisters (1986)

Harvey's (1950)

He Died With His Boot On (1941)

Hindley Green Mon Amour (1959)

Hotdog Day (1993)

How Green Was My Valet (1941)

How the North West Was Won (1962)

I'm Alright Cock (1959)

In Which We Sink (1942)

It Came From Out of't Fireplace (1958)

It's A Wonderful Lift (1946)

It's A Wonderful Loaf (1946)

Journey To The Centre of Worsley (1959)

Keep The Aspidistra Watered (1997)

Kind Hearts & Crumpets (1955)

Last Tango in Prestwich (1972)

Leigh is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)

Look Back in Bangor (1959)

Lostock and Two Smoking-Barrels (2000)

Loveclough Actually (2003)

Lullaby of Chadderton Broadway (1951)

Mad Mel 2: The Road Warrior (1981)

Men in Blackburn (1997)

Merry Bobbins  (1965)

Minicab Driver (1974)

Moby Duck (1956)

Mosley Common Belle  (1990)

Mosley Common or Bust (1969)

Mosley Common or Bust (1969)

Moss Side Story (1961)

Mr Lilo's Holiday (1952)

Much Ado About Knitting  (1993)

Murder Most Fowl (1964)

Murder on the Orrell Express (1974)

My Beautiful Ladette (1985)

My Fare Lady  (1964)

My Monocle (1958)

Never Ever Say Never Again, Never, Never Again, Ever (1961)

No Segs Please, We're British (1973)

Nora! Nora! Nora!  (1970)

North West by North North West (1959)

Of Meissen Men (1939)

Oh! Liver! (1968)

Oh! What A Lovely Wart (1969)

Oldham's Eleven  (1973)

On The Bickershaw Beat  (1962)

On the Watercloset (1954)

Once Upon A Time In Ancoats (1992)

One Upon A Time in the North West (1968)

Out Of Accrington (1970)

Paint Your Drag On (1969)

Passport to Pemberton (1949)

Picnic in the Streets  (1950)

Pub Story (1970)

Rear Widnes (1954)

Rosemary's Brother (1968)

Runaway Tram (1985)

Sabden Night Fever (1977)

Scrodge (1951)

Septico (1973)

Seven Bras for Seven Brothers (1991)

Seven Hives for Seven Brothers (1954)

Shallow Gravy (1994)

Sithee Slickers (1991)

Sleepless in Shevington (1993)

Snicker Man (1990)

Some Dog, Millie (an Airedale) (1954)

Sons of the Dessert (1939)

Soup Man (1976)

Spring & Port Vale (1970)

Squadron Leader Z  (1943)

Stardrops Memories (1980)

Supertripe Me (1974)

That's Another Ince Moss You've Got Me Into (Unfinished)

The 39 Stepford Wives (1975)

The Accrington Queen (1951)

The Belles of St Triplicate's (1953)

The Bells Goes Down (1943)

The Berts (1963)

The Best Little Warehouse in Tydesley  (1982)

The Bolton Strangler (1963)

The Bridge Over The River Wyre (Documentary) (1932)

The Car Chase (1939)

The Charge of the Light Company (1936)

The Crew'll See (1952)

The Cruel Hornsea (1955)

The Effluent Man (1980)

The Evil Dad   (1981)

The Fall of the Romily Empire (1964)

The Film That Never Was (1951)

The Four Horsemen of Ashton Under Lyne (1921)

The French Lift Attendant’s Woman  (1981)

The Frenchay Connection (1971)

The Furred Man (1949)

The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly (1966)

The Greatest Cape (1963)

The Gripes of Wath  (1940)

The Hunchback of Walton-le-Dale (1939)

The Importance of Being Firmest (1972)

The Italian Jobbie (1969)

The Jigsaw (1939)

The Lard of the Kings (2001)

The Last Time I Saw Parkfield (1954)

The Layby and the Tramp (1955)

The Lone Arranger (1958)

The Magnificent Severn (1960)

The Makerfield Thunderbolt (1953)

The Man From Atherleigh (1955)

The Man who Broke the Bank at Chorlton-cum-Hardy (1966)

The Man Who Fell to Burnley (1937)

The Man With the Golborne Gun (1974)

The Morecambe Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

The Pigeon Has Landed (1976)

The Pink Panzer (1964)

The Post Graduate (1967)

The Postman Always Folds Letters (1981)

The Rambusters (1962)

The Return of Drabula (1958)

The Road To Radcliffe (1947)

The Shawforth Redemption (1994)

The Shevington Hill Mob (1951)

The Small Electric Organ (1939)

The Spy Who Came In From Chorlton-on-Medlock (1965)

The St. Valentine's Day Manicure (1967)

The Taking of Oldham 124 (1977)

The Thomas Blunt Affair (1968)

The Towelling Inferno  (1971)

The Tripe Machine (1963)

The Unmentionables (1987)

The Whelks of August (1987)

The Wild Lunch (1969)

The Wilmslow Boy (1946)

The Wimpoles of Barrett Street (1934)

The Woollen Horse (1950)

They're Naked and They're Dead (1957)

Things To Do In Droylsden When You're Dead (1995)

Thirteen Angry Men (1957)

Thoroughly Modern Millom (1967)

Those Magnificent Men in their Frying Machines  (1968)

Three Birthdays and a Bar Mitzvah (1994)

To Hull And Back (1955)

Tom, the Fan of Opera (1999)

Top Bun (1988)

Tramspotting (1996)

Tripe Miner's Daughter (1980)

Turned Out Ince Again (1941)

Twelve Hungry Men (1959)

Wendy Does Wigan (1978)

Whatever Happened to Baby, Jane? (1962)

Where Eagles Darn (1975)

Whiskas Galore (1955)

Whiskers Galore (1955)

Wigan Casino Royale (1966)

With Ale and Pie (1941)

Youth Hostel (1965)

Zebu!  (1964)

102 Dalmations (1961)

2 till 10 (1980)

20,000 Leaves Under The Tree (1954)

2001: A Sausage Factory (1968)

3:10 to Whelley (1967)

7⅜  (1963)


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